For PK's Only

    The issues and the unique challenges that preachers kids face have gone unaddressed, and many preachers kids: PK's are wandering through life directionless because they haven't received the encouragement and guidance they need. They're going with the flow of the world instead of flowing in God's divine plan and purpose for their life. Having grown up in a minister's home themselves, Keith and MiChelle Butler discuss openly such issues as meeting the unrealistic expectations of others, dealing with the fish bowl, and low self-esteem-syndromes; and exercising forgiveness when betrayed by someone you trusted. These young authors, now in the ministry themselves, offer proven solutions from the Word of God to these unique problems. The purpose for this book is to help this special generation of believers avoid the pitfalls so they can excel in all that God has called them to do.


  • Author: Pastor Andre Butler & Pastor MiChelle Butler

  • Date:
    Publisher: Word of Faith
    Book Length:
    ISBN 13: 978-1893575110

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