God's Gym - Part 2

Speaker: Pastor Andre Butler
Date: 01/12/2014 - 11:00 am

"What to Do with the Mind and Soul"

Does it seem that you've lost your spiritual edge? It is time to tighten it up. Over time, if we don't carefully watch ourselves, we will let situations in our life get out of hand through doubt and unbelief. Before we know it, what we once immediately took authority over now seems to have authority over us. That is when we know that it is time to tighten our plan for success in Christ Jesus. God, the Father, is saying to us today that it is time that we tighten up. We've gotten a little sloppy. We used to be able to handle things, but we seem to have lost our grip. Therefore, it is time to tighten up our focus on the word of God so that when we reach our goals, we stay in that place of victory, and not go back to defeat. After listening to this lesson, you will know how to tighten up your game, get to your goal, and maintain your victory!

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