The Blessing of the Lord: Makes Rich and He adds No Sorrow To It

The Blessing of the Lord: Makes Rich and He adds No Sorrow To It

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THE BLESSING of The LORD is God s original plan for you. Contrary to popular belief, He doesn t want you sick, broke and lonely. He wants to make you rich in every area of life your health, finances, relationships and more. In this hard-cover book, you will learn:

  • God's original intent for His people to live in THE BLESSING
  • God's plan to restore THE BLESSING after man sinned
  • How God has empowered you to succeed
  • How Jesus connects us to THE BLESSING
  • Why THE BLESSING is not just a spiritual reality, but a material reality, too
  • How to be living proof of THE BLESSING to others
  • How love governs the operation of THE BLESSING.

No matter where you are in the progress of your life as a Christian, learn more about God and His relationship with you as you dig deeper into the vital message of THE BLESSING. Allow this revelation that changed Kenneth Copeland s life forever to convert your thinking, fuel your faith and accomplish God s will for your life, too.

Set yourself on the path to guaranteed success today. Your BLESSED life of peace and joy awaits you!

Author: Kenneth Copeland